1. My next personal piece is underway (very much a WIP). Going is slow because of work, but I finally have something sort of showable. I’ve tried to stick closely to the concept but needed to change some bits to make it work in 3d and get the proportions right. I’ve also changed the shoes to boots to keep it a bit more 50’s biker / Americana themed.

    Original concept by Wouter Gort, his work is awesome, check it out here

  2. Reel update for the CG student awards because apparently we are still eligible to enter. No Blue Zoo stuff unfortunately, my PC hates the codec.

  3. Quick warm up, such a good movie

  4. The Siren

    Finally got it finished!

    Created using Maya (Mental Ray), Zbrush and Nuke

  5. Who needs Xgen and its fancy equations when maya fur will suffice! 

    Let there be scales (very much still a work in progress) 

    -For a 1080p version-

  6. Since I finished the anatomy course thought I would do some personal work that would also be good practice before I started as a Groom TD at MPC. Finally got a turnaround rendered. Need to finish off the tail next.

  7. Spent Sunday sculpting a clay version of the pug I made in Zbrush. It would cost too much to get a 3d printed version to sit on my desk, so thought I would have a go at making it in real life. First time I’ve touched clay since we made pots in Primary School. Fairly pleased with the results, and I’m going to see if I can make a mould and cast a few versions in resin to spray and varnish. 

    It’s been a nice little break from work :)

  8. What am I going to do when Game of Thrones finishes?

  9. Update to hair, added flyaways and sand and changed the main body of it. Got the eye shaders nicer too and skins been altered again

  10. Updateeee, all in Maya now, SSS started, hair is the next big thing to tackle, then getting the tail looking nicer and adding more variation to the shells/ barnacles and the skin too.

  11. Again a bit off topic, but another favourite painting.

  12. Turn around of the pug I made

  13. A old painting, still a favourite

    "A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole! 
    "That doesn’t even rhyme!"
    "Yeah it does."

  14. Very quick render with the eyes and an update, still something off with the face in terms of the lip and jaw area but I will sort it soon hopefully. Got to get the epi and sub dermal maps painting and dirty up her face and body. Then the tail and join needs some love, it’s driving me a tad crazy at the moment. Hair will all be done in Maya after textures are getting there. Excuse the slightly NSFW-ish second image, it will be covered in the final image, hence the lack of nipples, not looking to make a generic sexualised female render, there are plenty enough of those on the net already.

  15. And so it begins! I’ve got the whole upper body textured with a base diffuse map that I can make all the other SSS maps from. It’s not perfect just yet but it’s a good base layer that I can now go in and break up. There are some stamp cloning issues still, but I’ve got rid of most of all the projection problems and will end up painting into it alot myself, so those don’t concern me at the moment. Below are just a few close up bits, I would show the whole thing but it’s not very interesting. Now I need to work on the tail and combining the two texture wise :)